On the fine day of 21.10 in the year 2019 class 1bc-3 of ALO, the well known and beloved by everyone high school, had the pleasure of attending the so called ,,Shakespearian workshop” and ,,The life and times of William Shakespeare” lectures. They were given by an adorable old man, a native speaker nonetheless, by the name of Leslie Mazur-Park, who almost immediately conquered our hearts with his positive attitude and easy-going personality. The class was brought there by their wonderful homeroom teacher, Miss Wioletta Rembiałkowska.
The lectures were given consecutively with a 5min break between them. During that time we learned about, as the name suggests, William Shakespeare. That’s right, we spent many hours learning about the renowned author of many famous plays such as „Romeo and Juliet” or „Hamlet”. Truly a remarkable experience. We got to impersonate some of Shakespeare’s characters too. Us, the writers, got to be both Romeo and Juliet, and it was really interesting, seeing ourselves become somebody else for a second and get absorbed by the reality that surrounded the heroes.
But that wasn’t the part that stole our hearts the most. What did was actually not something we participated directly in. It was the music. And no, we aren’t talking about some cheap playback music that one might think of. The lecturer actually brought his very own oboe to the lecture and played some songs for us. He said that „acting is like music”. We were deeply touched by his passion for what he was doing.
We really enjoyed our time there and we hope to attend to similar lectures in the future. We also really recommend them to anyone interested in the history of English writing.
~Agata K & Magnolia G